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Summer Lite  Brewday 25th May 2008

3Kg      Pale Malt
24g Challenger             90 mins
28g Goldings                15 mins
Irish Moss                     15 mins
Nottingham        Yeast   

1st All grain brew.  The plan was to brew something simple, so I decided on a Summer Lightening clone, but reducing the OG to around 1040, so summer “lite” was to be brewed.


mashing in Mashing in. I used a ratio of 2.5:1. I mashed at 64.1 C, this was a mistake as I had let the HLT temperature drop too low!!!!
boil Rolling boil. I boil for 90 min's. Bittering hops added as soon as rolling boil achieved, aroma hops and irish moss added 15mins before end of boil. Part way through the boil the element packed up so had to convert the HLT into the boiler.
cooling Cooling the wort. As you can see from the photo my cooler had to be put on it's side to be completely immersed by the wort. This happened because I did not have a large enough volume of wort in the boiler. I plan to replace the cooler in the future.
Running into FV unning into FV. Ran the wort from the boiler into the FV at a slow rate so that the wort was well aerated.
Sample Sample. sample very cloudy, but we'll see how it turns out.
Dirty yeast head Yeast Head. Not sure about this yeast head it looks very "dirty", must be all the trub that ended up in the FV. Fermemted out in 5 days, 1010 final gravity
Racking into barrel Racking. Added 5 Tsp of isinglass finings and 30g of glucose to a pint of water and mixture added to barrel.
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