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Towne's Sunshine Ale Brewday 2rd August 2008

2.8kg        Pale Malt
280g         Torified Wheat
50g Bramling X            90 mins
15g Bramling X            15 mins
Irish moss                    15 mins
S04.                 Yeast  



ingredients Ingredients - changed the yeast again, this time going for S04
Mash Mashing in
Wort coming to the boil Wort coming to the boil
spent hops and cooler in the copper Cooling - Still need to modify the immersion cooler and possibly change the plastic pipe that connects to.
cloudy sample Sample is very cloudy, it looks more like a Weiss Beer. Anyway we'll see how it tastes
dirty yeast head

Yeast Head. As with the all my brews the Yeast head is very "dirty" although this one looks a little better

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