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Below you will find some links that I have found useful.

Homebrew Forums
www.Jimsbeerkit.co.uk - UK brewing forum
www.Thehomebrewforum.co.uk - UK brewing forum

General Brewing Links
www.CAMRA.co.uk – Campaign for Real Ale
www.craftbrewing.org.uk – Craft brewers association
www.siba.co.uk - Society of Independent Brewers
www.quaffale.org.uk – Database of breweries in the UK
www.brewlab.co.uk – brewing courses at Sunderland University
www.howtobrew.com - online brewing book.  It’s American but has some good info.

Online brewing stores
www.hopandgrape.co.uk - this is where I buy most of my brewing supplies
www.barleybottom.co.uk - this is a home brewer who has set-up an online store, excellent service I'm told
www.leylandhomebrew.com - another store I have used

Other home brewers websites
www.philrobins.org.uk -
www.practicalbrewing.co.uk - this is the website of the brewing author Graham Wheeler




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