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Welcome to The Hulston Home Brewery

(This website is work in progress so not all the links on the left hand site work. Hopefully they will soon!!)
As with all good things it started in the pub!! Over a few pints a friend and I decided it was time we brewed our own beer. My previous experience with home brew was back in the seventies when my uncle made a few kits, but this was going to be different, beer had to be brewed from raw ingredients.

My brewery set-up is constantly changing, but below is my current configuration. The brew length (capacity) is around 23L. The HLT, Mash Tun and Boiler are all stainless steel, the FVs are all plastic, these will eventually be stainless as well.

Most of my beer is bottled so that I'm not tempted to drink too much too soon. Cleaning and sanitising all the bottles is a right pain, so some of the brews are put in barrels.



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