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Hemel Pride Brewday 7th December 2008

3.71Kg  Pale Malt
143g     Crystal Malt
40g       Black Malt
320g     Wheat Malt
17g Target                   90 mins
25g Challenger            90 mins
20g goldings                15 mins
Irish Moss                    15 mins
WLP002.          Yeast

AG#5 Hemel Pride, based on Fullers London Pride.


hops+salts Ingredients - Hops and copper salts pictured
mashing in

Mashing in - PH of mash was a little high at around 5.5-5.6 so looks like I should have added more CRS to the HLT.

HERMS HERMS - Initially the temperature of the mash dropped to 62°C when I started recirculating, but this soon recovered to 67°C-68°C. I had the PID set to 69°C, but I dropped it to 67°C half way through the mash.
Sparging Sparging - Made a mistake and let the HLT water get to 90°C so I had to take the lid off and stir the water to reduce the temperature down to 82°C. Need to get the second PID up and running to control the HLT temperature!
Running into FV Boil
Sample Sample - Still too cloudy with HERMS I was expecting the wort to be clearer!!
running into FV Running into FV - Using the sieve to make sure no large bits end up in the FV.
dirty yeast head yeast head - looking slighly cleaner than some of my previous brews but still a bit "dirty". Because of the cold weather the fermentation chamber only just held 19°C. Need to improve the insulation and have better fixing for the door.
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