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Hogsback T.E.A Brewday 22nd June 2008

3.4Kg   Pale Malt
280g     Crystal Malt
28g Fuggles                 90 mins
27g Goldings                90 mins
10g Goldings                15 mins
Irish moss                    15 mins
Windsor.       Yeast   

AG-2. Following on from the success of my summer "lite" brew I decided to brew Hogsback T.E.A. Not sure where I got this recipe from. Decided to use a different yeast, just because I had it. Windsor is supposed to attenuate less than Nottingham, but unfortunately I made a few errors while reading my Refractometer, so I do not know what attenuation I achieved.

Malt + Hops Ingredients
Mahing in This time got the mash temperature correct at 66.1.
fly sparging Sparging - My brewery is configured so that the tap on the HLT is approx 10cm above the top of the Mash tun. This gives me a problem when sparging. As the volume in the HLT reduces so the speed of the spinning sparge arm decreases, as a result it took over an hour to sparge.
spent grain Spent grain need to find someone who has chickens or pigs to recycle the grain!
rolling boil Boil - I boil with the lid off which causes the garage to fill with steam. Must look for a better solution!
yeast starter Yeast Starter - I re-hydrate the yeast in 100ml of boiled water that has been cooled to around 20°C. then 15 mins into the boil I take approx 250ml of wort, cool it to 20°C and add it to the re-hydrated yeast.
Dirty yeast head

Yeast Head. As with the first brew the Yeast head is very "dirty". Need to understand why!

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