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Old Thumper Brewday 18th October 2008

4.23kg Pale Malt
270g    Crystal Malt
50g      Black Malt
280g    Torified Wheat
50g Challenger            90 mins
20g Fuggles                 15 mins
Irish Moss                    15 mins
Nottingham. Yeast

AG#4 Old thumper clone. Wanted to brew a stronger darker ale. This brew is based on the recipe in Graham Wheeler's book, but with a few modifications.


malt Ingredients - Pale malt with the salts on top. The other malts are in the bucket below the pale malt

Mashing with my HERMS system. I've changed my brewing kit to include a Heat
Exchanged Recirculating Mash System (HERMS). The smaller vessel in the background is the heat exchanger. The wort is pumped through the heat exchanger which is controlled by a PID.   As you can see I have a "G" clamp holding the return manifold in place - more refinement required!

boil This is the PID controller for the heat exchanger. This is the prototype and hopefully I will enclose the system in a more appropriate container in the future
Sample - one advantage of using the HERMS system is that the wort should be clearer. As the wort is recirculated it uses the grain bed as a filter and hence the wort should be clearer. Not in this case!!! Need to do some more brews to perfect the system
Running into FV I've made a new larger Immersion Cooler that fits better into my copper. The original IC is now the heat exchanger for the HERMS system.
Racking the beer into barrel. Bought a new king keg barrel as not sure the budget barrel was holding pressure well enough. Also bought a new cap for the budget barrel so it may be OK now.
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